Real Estate

TOYA Yapı carries out the real estate development activities of the group. With its strong team, financial structure and successful management TOYA Yapı prioritizes on developing the land in its portfolio.

Bringing housing and commercial property projects to life TOYA Yapı creates a difference in the real estate sector by developing aesthetic, environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, modern, technological and privileged life projects.

Aiming to take place among Turkey’s leading companies within the real estate development sector, TOYA Yapı produces projects in the most important locations around the country.


Growth in the mining sector is one of the main focus areas of TOYA. Due to its longstanding presence in the coal mining industry, TOYA has gained significant experience in this field. TOYA has several lignite exploration licences in areas like Tekirdağ, Burdur and Denizli in Turkey.

In addition to these, outside of Turkey, TOYA Holding established TOYA Gold which has entered into precious metals, especially gold, engagements in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Afghanistan with more than 20 assets.

TOYA is still searching for further mining investments.


TOYA’s vision is to develop a precision agribusiness operation as the starting point of broader agricultural enterprises integrated with sustainable plans for both social enhancements and environmental protection.

Currently TOYA has invested in agricultural lands in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and South Sudan. The land sizes are approximately 30,000 ha in each country and are going to be developed for production of mainly cotton and maize.

In line with its mid-long term portfolio strategy in the agriculture sector, TOYA currently continues to analyze multiple investment alternatives in different countries.



TOYA has been in the torism industry since three decades. Currently TOYA Holding’s tourism division continues to create value through the hotels it owns and manages.

TOYA Holding has two hotels in the historical peninsula of Istanbul. In line with its short term portfolio strategy of its tourism division, Toya is investing in the development and management of a Four Seasons in Çeşme and a Hilton in Istanbul.

Apart from the luxury hotel sector, TOYA is currently entering into the business of budget hotels, by investing in the Easy Hotel brand and becoming its name proprietor in Turkey and neighboring countries.



Energy is one of the main areas of growth in accordance with TOYA’s strategy map, hand in hand with mining operations. TOYA has two aims regarding its energy operations:

  • Investing in local coal fired power plants in Turkey with its strategic partners,
  • Investing in generating an approximately 500 MW renewable energy (hydro, wind and sun) portfolio in the mid term.

In line with its mid-to-long term portfolio strategy in the energy sector, TOYA currently continues to analyze multiple investment alternatives.


Construction & Infrastructure

TOYA aims to continue its impressive achievements and contribution to the sustainable development of the communities in the construction and infrastructure sector as well.

In this context, TOYA is trying to specialize with its global and local partners, in all infrastructure and superstructure projects including airports, treatment plants, factories, industrial facilities, food facilities, pipelines, mixed-use complex buildings, hotel constructions, and in addition; it has hospital, road PPP projects especially conducted in Sub- Saharan Africa countries.

The company has merged its technical ability and experience brought by many years, with quality, speed, high technology, innovativeness and understanding of social responsibility.


Oil & Gas

On the oil & gas side TOYA is looking for investment opportunities with its partners in oil exploration and development. As part of this core strategy, Toya Holding incorporated a new oil exploration and production (E&P) company, TOGA, focusing primarily on exploration, development, and production of oil & gas in Africa and Middle East.

TOGA is now exploring various opportunities across Africa and is currently at the end of the due dilligence phases of two different small size production assets; one in Eygpt and one in Tunisia and is about to acquire these.

TOGA’s technical ability is complimented by its strategic cooperation with important oil players including Turkish Petroleum where they provide TOYA with the necessary know-how.

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